Caring for your wellbeing with Chinese medicine

In times gone by in China, patients would often STOP going to their acupuncturist when they became ill. That seems the wrong way round, right? Why would they do this? Because people would get acupuncture and take herbs to stay healthy! Read more

Dit Da (Hit-Fall Medicine) and 'Herbal Ice' (San Huang San)

Many people are unaware of the specialty area within Chinese medicine known as 'Dit Da' medicine. This translates literally as 'Hit-Fall' medicine and is a field of practice that developed alongside the Chinese martial arts. In our day, it can be used to deal with any of these types of injuries that happen through accident or exercise in everyone's daily life. Read more

Getting good sleep: the do's and don't's

A large number of the people I treat in the clinic suffer from poor sleep. It is a serious problem that can significantly impact on our stress levels, energy levels and quality of life. Many people are missing out on the rest and rejuvenation that occurs with deep sleep. Read more

Eating well in Winter

One vital thing that influences your health is your diet. This is not new information, but what it actually means and how to decide what to eat differs depending on who you talk to. It is hard to know which perspective to adhere to when working out what you want to eat in order to look after yourself. Read more

The treatment of sports injuries with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Did you know that there is a fully-developed area of practice within the broad platform of Chinese medicine, specifically dedicated to the treatment of sports injuries? Read more

Shiatsu, The Back Shu Points and the Spinal Flush

There are a number of routines in shiatsu practice that a therapist will draw on and modify to give a unique treatment to his or her client. Some of these are named after the position that the client lies in while receiving their treatment - for example the front routine, or the side routine. But perhaps the most powerful, certainly in my experience in over 10 years of practice, is the back routine. Read more

Acupuncture mechanisms explained in modern terms

Here is a fantastic review published by the US National Library of Medicine which examines and explains the mechanisms of acupuncture in biomedical terms while maintaining a recognition and respect for the classical theories underpinning the practice. Read more

Chinese medicine industry regulation

As of July 1st, acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists Australia-wide have become regulated by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). This federal government agency is responsible for protecting the public in ensuring the provision of the highest quality health services. Read more

How does Acupuncture work?

In this cool video, RMIT's Dr Zhen Zheng uses a great metaphor to help explain how acupuncture works in the body to restore healthy function. Enjoy! Read more

Public debate around Complementary and Alternative Medical Education in Australia

There has been a fair bit of media in the last couple of weeks around universities providing education in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Lobby group Friends of Science in Medicine are petitioning universities to have CAM courses thrown out and are trying to persuade private health insurance companies to cease providing rebates for the provision of CAM services. Read more

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